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Agloves Touch Screen Gloves Review

TTR Rating: 4 stars

A common issue faced by touch-screen smartphone owners is how to use them in cold weather.  It can be difficult to peel off a glove in time to, say, dig the iPhone out of one’s pocket and swipe the screen to accept a call.  With Agloves Touch Screen Gloves, however, users can keep their gloves on while using touch-screen devices, thanks to the intertwined silver-coated fibers.  Only a few issues prevent these gloves from being must-have winter travel gear.


Dear friends gave TTR and Mrs. TTR these gloves for a late December trip in which we would spend a great deal of time using our iPhones outside.  At first we were skeptical that the gloves would both keep our hands warm and properly operate the devices.

Much to our surprise the gloves worked well at both.  They’re not thick enough for freezing temperatures, rain, or snow, but we were quite comfortable when the mercury was in the mid-30s.  They did, however, perform nearly all the functions one would need to use a smartphone.  Using the on-screen keyboards, especially in portrait orientation, resulted in more errors than usual, but finger- and thumb-typists will be pleasantly surprised at their accuracy.

  • The gloves protect hands from cold, but not freezing temperatures.
  • Fit is snug enough to wear as liners on really cold days
  • Washable (by hand or machine on gentle)
  • Threads are attracted to Velcro, so care must be taken to avoid pulls
  • Material leaves a slight residue on screen
  • Silver threads make the gloves sparkle a bit, which some men might find objectionable


Anyone who uses a device with a capacitive touch screen (e.g., iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Nook, Nintendo 3DS, etc.) in cold weather would benefit from Agloves.  They won’t keep your hands dry in the rain or snow, but they will keep them relatively warm while allowing you full use of a smartphone.


Item: Agloves Touch Screen Gloves
Reviewed by: TravelTechReview.com on
Summary: Agloves actually let you use touchscreen devices without removing your gloves.
Description: Intertwined silver-coated fibers magically make Agloves work on capacitive touch screen devices.
Rating: 4 stars

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