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EveryTrail iPhone App Review

TTR Rating: 5 stars

With temperatures in the 70s over the weekend, Mr. and Mrs. TTR strapped on the boots and headed for our favorite local hike, the 5.5-mile Cheatham/Kolb loop at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  On this trek TTR tested the EveryTrail iPhone app, which makes it easy to find, track, and share trips.

Through its ease of use and handy features, EveryTrail drives us to explore and share even more.


The simple home screen provides clear options for starting your adventure, which are reinforced by the division of EveryTrail’s features into three categories: explore, track, and share.


EveryTrail search resultsUsers can search through 400,000+ trips, using such filters as location, activity type, and length. Trip information includes the route, pictures, videos, points of interest, and tips like “bring lots of bugspray” or “this is the last water source, so load up.”

For $1.99 each users can download Guides, which are generally created by experienced users or experts and offer more details than typical Trips. Guides can also audio tours, such as this one for Mount Diablo’s Grand Loop:
At each of 12 stops in this audio guide, naturalists point out the sights and sounds, tell tales of the mountain’s past, and suggest what to look for around the next bend. Photographs help identify plants and animals.

When searching from an iPhone users are first presented with Guides that meet the search criteria; scrolling down reveals free Trips.  Both are easy to download and use. Unobtrusive ads are displayed at the top of the Guide list in the free version of EveryTrail.

EveryTrail My Map


Once the Trip or Guide is downloaded you can follow it, or, as was the case with our Sunday hike, you can use EveryTrail’s tracking capabilities to create your own Trip.

Along the way you can tag points of interest, take geo-tagged photos, and consult the map to ensure you’re staying on course.  The map view has multiple viewing options such as street, satellite, terrain, and others familiar to Google Maps users.

You can note POIs or caption photos immediately, or wait until a more convenient time.  Mrs. TTR’s impatience ensured Mr. TTR saved these tasks for the end.

The Tips section doesn’t allow for much formatting, so TTR’s nicely bulleted list is displayed as inline text when shared.

EveryTrail Trip DetailsShare

At the Trip Details page you can complete your Trip by notating points of interest, captioning pictures, and adding tips. You can also view photographs and Trip stats such as total length, time, and average speed.

Once satisfied with the Trip, you can share the adventure on Twitter, Facebook, and EveryTrail.com directly from your iPhone. EveryTrail Pro users can also upload geo-tagged video to YouTube. Your completed Trips are tucked away in the Saved folder for later use.

You can also embed the trip in a blog post, as seen below.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Georgia

  • Intuitive interface
  • Powerful features that are easy to understand and use
  • Background operation on iOS 4 iPhones means you can talk on the phone or listen to podcasts while EveryTrail tracks your route
  • GPS distance and accuracy thresholds are easily changed to save battery; with the default GPS settings and while listening to a podcast, this two-hour hike dropped TTR’s iPhone 3GS battery from 100% to 83% (WiFi and Bluetooth disabled; screen brightness at 50%)
  • By default picture resolution is low; change from 600 to 1600 for higher quality
  • Must scroll below for-pay guides to find trips


Outdoorsy types who want to discover nearby adventures and track and share their own will enjoy EveryTrail.  Start with the free version and determine whether the shared Trips are sufficient; if not, look for downloadable Guides.

For $3.99 you can purchase EveryTrail pro, which includes downloadable maps, enables video recording, removes ads, and syncs Trips between your iPhone and your EveryTrail.com account.

The North Face licenses a version of EveryTrail it calls Trailhead.  It offers a few features specific to The North Face, such as company news and a dealer locator, but some basic functions failed in TTR testing.  During one Trip we couldn’t take pictures or add POIs.  TTR recommends you stick with the EveryTrail version.

Early last month EveryTrail announced its acquisition by TripAdvisor, an operating company of Expedia.  Look for application to improve with additional content partnerships, and expect EveryTrail functionality to show up in other TripAdvisor products.


Item: EveryTrail iPhone App
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Summary: Through its ease of use and handy features, EveryTrail drives us to explore and share even more.
Description: Find, track, and share your trips with EveryTrail, which is particularly valuable for hikers and bikers.
Rating: 5 stars

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